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Strategies on Designing and Updating User Experience in Healthcare

The approach to creating and designing a great user experience in healthcare applications should be one that occasionally requires updates. The developed product should encapsulate several elements that enable all types of users to benefit from the final website or … Continue reading

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Improving Virtual Healthcare with Blockchain

Data-rich operations like those that go on daily in the health industry have been turning to blockchain technology. After all, secure information exchange and recordkeeping are used in many sectors of the health field. Now, there’s more pressure than ever … Continue reading

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Grant Management In Healthcare

Grant management is money management; It’s vital to the success of nearly all organizations and their subdivisions. Overseeing how funds are gained and used by an entity, be it an individual, a business, or a government agency, often requires a … Continue reading

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How Is Machine Learning Being Used in Healthcare?

Today, we will explore another tool gaining traction in the healthcare industry: machine learning. Often associated with big data, machine learning technology can utilize its capabilities to make advancements in medicine. Humans alone cannot make sense of the massive amounts … Continue reading

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3 Ways to Encourage the Use of Patient Portals

Healthcare providers want to enhance their care of patients by taking their interactions online through patient portals. Indeed, patient portals are a useful tool for any individual or their caretakers. Some of the functions offered on many portals include messaging … Continue reading

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